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The first thing that struck me when I was unpacking my Bacchus Imperial was the quality of the handcraft and the care given to the finish. It offers a full range of sounds from metal to jazz to rock and funk. Its thin neck and its access to high notes make it as easy to handle as it is comfortable to play. In short, I’m thrilled and I keep it close to me all the time ! 


音楽教育と自己鍛錬によって腕を磨いたギタリスト。ファンクやロックから始まった彼の演奏スタイルはやがてメタルやジャズの領域まで広がり、ジャンル横断 的な独自のスタイルを身に付けるに至った。またその傍らギター演奏の講師として自身で経営するギター教室を開き、レッスンを続けている。

公式Webサイト(仏語)  http://sebastiengarsia.com/

YouTubeチャンネル https://www.youtube.com/user/MrViolentnfonky/videos?view=0&flow=grid

Sébastien Garsia is a virtuoso guitarist who has learnt through self-education and musical training. Raised with funk, rock and later on metal and jazz music, he has developed a multicultural musical style of his own. Also guitar teacher, he started up his own music school in order to give teaching a new lease of life.