In mid 70's Japanese acoustic guitar industry began getting bigger thanks to the influence from popluar folk singer and groups such as "Yoshida Takuto" and "Kaguyahime". However it was still hard to find a decent quality acoustic guitar at affordable price in Japanese market at that time. The guitar industry at that time were yet to have enough knowledge and experince to build quality acoustic guitars.

In 1977 Yatsuzuka Kei and young, enthusiastic guitar buidler Momose Yasuo started up Headway guitars as a quest for second-to-none quality and world-class tone, that can be compared to the most famous and expensive guitars from the US. The very first thing they did after the launch of the company is investigation of Martin HD-28. They disassebled it to learn the construction and the techniques cultivaed over many years by the pioneers, and more importantly, establish their own way of acoustic guitar building to make further improvements and unique tone, instead of just copying it. 

Our long-selling model HD-115 was finally released in the end of '70s and Headway soon gained awareness and great reputations in the market, often referred to as "Japan's best acoustic brand"


However, in 1983, having suffered a fire accident and lost jigs and every important tools and equipment for acoustic guitar building, Headway had no other choice than to cease the production of acousstic guitars. 

In 1984 the company was rebuilt with the renewed name "Deviser" and we determined to focus on building electric guitars and basses as their demands were increaing at that time due to popluartiy of hard rock and heavey metal music. Couples of new brands were commenced after then - "Riverhead" in mid 80's, "Bacchus" in mid 90's and so more.. Deviser also started OEM of other guitar makers and that greatly contributed to raise our quality standard. We tried and acquired new techniques including neck-through electric guitar, 6 string electric basses, new truss rod system, and much more. 

While we were steadily enhancing the business of electric guitars and basses year by year since rebuilding the company, we gradually got aware of people's voices to demand for Headway acoustic guitars.  
It was 1999 when we got a letter from an ensthusiastc fan of Headway acoustic, who ran an online forum on which Headway users gathered and shared information of old Headway guitars build in 70's to 80's before we had ceased the production. We were really impressed by the online forum, knowing how much they loved our acoustic guitars and were desparate for reproduction of Headway guitars. 

The existance of the online forum moved Yatsuzuka Kei and Momose Yasuo a lot, and they finally decided to resume Headway acoustic guitars. Shortly after the decision, Momose Yasuo started remaking the tools and jigs for acoustic guitar building, and Headway guitars was finally back to the industry with relaunch of 128pcs limited HD-115. 


Besides his own works on guitar building, Momose have also putting more efforts to educate younger builders to inherits his great expertise. In 2010s, Headway launched "Aska Team Built" series and "Standard" series, built by groups of younger builders who had trained for many years under Momose's education.
And in order to deliver Headway's quality to a wider range of people, we also produces more affordable lines called "Universe" series and "JT series" under quality control of experienced bulders. In the meantime Momose keeps building his own Customshop guitars to serve with the most discerning guitarists who seek for their idealinstruments.